because mics are really expensive...and kids are kind of clutsy

Just kidding. Sort of. But when you start purchasing costumes, sets, audio equipment, and a myriad of other supplies for 100+ kids, it adds up. 100% of every donation goes directly back into the organization - whether it's used for scholarships, costumes, sets, staff employment, new technical equipment, or scholarships -we pour our heart and soul into using funds and donations for the glory of God. And now that we are recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, your donations are fully tax deductible. Join us in our mission in inspiring a passion for theatre among the Fort Wayne community, especially the youth. For more information on partnering with Fire & Light, contact Lisa Ellis at

Show Sponsor ($5000 and above) 

Classic theatre is expensive!  Typical rights for a show run about $2300.  Music rehearsal and performance tracks run about $750.  This doesn’t include rent, costuming, sets and props. Yikes!  Neverless, we think inspiring our students and entertaining our audiences is worth it.

Tech  Sponsor $2500 to $4999) 

Tech sponsors, because kids are clutzy and mics are expensive.  Seriously, quality technical equipment that helps us tell a story on stage is not cheap.  Mics, sound boards, spots, fog machines. Fire & Light needs all that stuff to help create the best possible shows.

Set Sponsor  ($600 to $2499) 

Shows have all sorts of creatives involved to create the pictures that tells the story. Backdrops, sets, curtains, costumes, furniture - even bizarre items like rolling hospital beds or dressers that a fairy can pop out of (Peter Pan), Fire & Light shows need all sorts of items.

Student Sponsor ($100 to $499)

As low as our tuition fees are, we sometimes have families who have difficulty paying tuition due to illness or hardship.  $500 supports a student for the year, or a smaller donation can be made that goes toward a student scholarship fund.